Game Refuge


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Imagine a Full-featured, Custom-designed 3D Videogame
developed specifically to meet your company's unique marketing requirements...

Not a split-second of so-called "branding" in a forgettable, generic videogame,
but an entire videogame experience designed around your company and tailored to it's specific target audience...
created by one of the most experienced and successful game development teams in the world today!

Game Refuge uses a robust, networked, multi-player 3D "game engine"
that has been specially adapted to provide marketing professionals
and special-event coordinators with the resources needed to host an unforgettable
Trade Show Event Experience and/or Premium Incentive package.

In as little as six months, we can create a custom Advergame that is...
...powerful enough to showcase an entire product line...
...versatile enough to support single-player, multi-player or web-based internet game play...
...adaptable enough to allow on-site configuration at a Trade Show Event...
...entertaining, addictive and affordable enough to make it a perfect Promotional Product!

Why an Advergame from Game Refuge?

As veteran arcade videogame designers, we understand all too well that a successful "Advergame"
must appeal to several distinct groups with greatly differing agendas.
The client has products to promote, budgets to maintain, and a corporate identity to project.
The marketing professional is looking for exciting, yet cost-effective, ways to keep the client happy.
The attendees at the trade show want to be surprised and amused...
the account reps want crowded booths...
the event coordinators need to keep the lines moving forward, and...
each and every individual who steps up to the game is simply looking for a good time!

Entertainment is the key. When players are having fun, everybody wins!

Entertaining a broad spectrum of players is a skill that Game Refuge designers have been perfecting
for over twenty-six years. Check out some of our exciting Advergames in our Online Store.

So, if you're considering a custom-designed Videogame for...
An upcoming Conference, Gathering or Trade Show Event,
A Unique Fundraising Opportunity,
Or an unforgettable (yet affordable), Promotional Product... Denise at Game Refuge today at

or give her a call at (708) 275-1768

When it comes to Advergames, Game Refuge has the unique ability to develop entertaining video games with strong corporate marketing components. Meeting both of these core objectives is a difficult task, but Game Refuge has been able to distill our needs for a game which is fun to play, features our products, has options for variable length and can be enjoyed by players of all ages. "Equally unique to Game Refuge is their flexible approach to the development process. Their timelines includes specific milestones where key parts of the game can be viewed, critiqued and altered as required. This makes the entire process very collaborative, ensuring everyone involved is able to provide feedback. The result is a finished product that includes the best of all creative ideas, while ensuring the corporate requirements are also met. "Best of all, the entire staff at Game Refuge brings boundless enthusiasm to each project. They are committed to perfection, client satisfaction and, most importantly, an entertaining game. They continually make suggestions on how to improve the game and go beyond expectations by including dozens of details and ideas that make the game better than even their original promises." Scott Monson, Executive Producer, M Squared OnStage

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