Game Refuge

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Welcome to the GAME REFUGE ONLINE STORE... Most of our Games can be found at your local Arcade &/or your local Retailer, but most of the Items on this page can't be found anywhere else! Those interested in a career in video games should definitely check out the DVD Documentary shown below; now being used in Design schools throughout the country. Most of the multi-player PC games below were custom developed for Trade Show Events, and as such, make excellent LAN-Party Games. And arcade dinosaurs everywhere will appreciate the return of some classic arcade SWAG that has not been available for years....

CLASSIC ARCADE GAME "DEV TEAM" MEMORABILIA now available for a limited time!
Over the years, whenever we worked on a new Game, we also created promotional stuff to go with it; Shirts, Jerseys, Hats, Mugs, Frisbees... if we could wear it, play with it or drink from it, we slapped a logo on it and gave it away to fans, friends & family! As you might expect, folks have been begging us to re-issue them for years! (some of those shirts are getting pretty threadbare). So, at long last, we are making a number of our "Development-Team-Only" designs available to hard-core joystick junkies and avid arcade admirers alike!


Classic Arcade Shirts ... Beer Steins, and More!
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